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FMCRC Chair Al Pina Pushes Back On U.S. Senator Toomey On Federal Reserve
Use of Racial Data Research-American Banker Editorial: Click Here for Article

FMCRC Chair/NMCRC Co-Founder Al Pina Joins Blacks & Latinos Pushing For "outsider" as Comptroller of Currency. Al Pina Pledges Hunger Strike Against Nominee Michael Barr. New York Times & Mother Jones Interview Al Pina.

Click Here For New York Times Article

Click Here For Mother Jones Article

Join FMCRC at virtual National Black & Latino Economic Summit Dec 9-10, 2020. www.blackandlatino.org (Over $600 Billion of Economic Access For Blacks & Latinos)

Al Pina Black & Latino Podcasts

2020 National Virtual Black & Latino Economic Summit

2020 National Virtual Black & Latino Summit Host Committee Changes Date of Summit So Black & Latino Communities Can Focus on 2020 General/Presidential Election:

Our resolve to call attention to the issue of meeting the needs of Black & Latino Communities through creating greater access to capital remains solid. However, the recent assault on Jacob Blake in Wisconsin and the resulting protests from all corners of our community have called into question the current timing of our planned Summit. Additionally, the challenges set-forth during the DNC and RNC Conventions, further reflect the need for Black & Latino people to redouble our efforts to ensure that our communities are fully registered and mobilized to VOTE in the upcoming November 3rd Elections.

To this end, our host committee has decided to reschedule the Black & Latino Economic Summit to December 9-10, 2020 to enable us all to be fully engaged in ensuring the enfranchisement of all eligible members of Black & Latino Communities to participate in our most sacred duty as American Citizens, casting our VOTE in FREE and OPEN ELECTIONS.

YouTube Video On Change of Date of Summit & Call for Black and Latino Unity on Getting Out To Vote On November 3rd. Our Economic & Racial Social Justice Future Depends on It.

By Al Pina: Summit Co-Founder, Host Committee Member and Host to the new Black & Latino Economics Podcast (coming September 7th), Chair of FMCRC and Assets & Hope

The 2020 National Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit is coming your way this fall – December 9-10

The Summit will feature educational sessions, special events, and networking opportunities on topics related to the current socio-economic conditions of Black & Latino communities.

For Information Contact: summit@BlackAndLatino.org

FMCRC Assets & Hope Launch Operation Black & Latino I.Q. New affordable housing program places Section 8 families into new/rebuilt like new homes in upper income neighborhoods and will use behavioral modification program to teach families how to better compete and thrive in U.S. economy.

Click Here For Operation Black & Latino I.Q. Program Details

FMCRC Assets & Hope launch city of Tampa section 8 housing expansion with 3 new construction homes for Section 8. Currently over 80% of current FMCRC rentals are in middle/upper income census tracts.  FMCRC will target adding 50 Section 8 home rentals in Middle/Upper income neighborhoods to provide Section 8 low income families an opportunity to live in higher quality of life neighborhoods.

FMCRC Chair Al Pina welcomes children with cancer and their families to FMCRC beach sanctuary to find peace during their battle with life. FMCRC builds beach sanctuary for children with cancer.

FMCRC donates rebuilt Tampa home and furniture to low income former homeless
Latina single mother. FMCRC donates St. Pete home to former homeless low income family and donate a Tampa home to low income African American Family.

FMCRC will select a low income single mother or father in 2019 and donate a rebuilt home and furniture to that family.

FMCRC donates $19,000 vehicle to low income single mother to help her with transportation to complete engineering degree

Click here for photo of single mother with vehicle donation

FMCRC Chair Al Pina Receives Change Agent Award At Associated Black Charities of Maryland Annual Gala

June 10, 2017 FMCRC Chair Al Pina recognized by Maryland and Baltimore African American leaders for his national economic civil rate advocacy that has resulted in over $500 billion of community reinvestment into minority communities across the U.S.

Click here for photos

How U.S. Senator John McCain assisted FMCRC Chair Al Pina To Bring Racial Integration To Phoenix With Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza in Downtown Phoenix

Click Here for Details

FMCRC Assets & Hope Helps Launch National Minority Builders Coalition:

First National Minority Home Builders Summit: 
Date: October 12-13
Location: Clearwater Beach Florida

Click Here for Details

Click Here for Agenda

FMCRC Assets & Hope Host Baltimore Summit on Addressing Baltimore African American housing blight and rising racial wealth gap in Baltimore. Federal banking and housing regulators, faith based and nonprofit leaders and African American community activists pack the Baltimore African American Museum to have their voices heard

Click here for a recap and photos

President Trump and Republicans Attack Mexican Americans & Mexicans With Building The Wall of Shame. The Wall Will Become A Symbol of Racism. FMCRC Chair Al Pina States “Mexican Am I” I Stand With Mexico and All South Americans

Click Here For Mexican Am I Statement

FMCRC Assets & Hope Chair Al Pina work with Baltimore African American leaders to address rising racial wealth gap in Baltimore due to lack of African American home ownership & home equity. They announce the “Baltimore African American Home Ownership & Home Equity Symposium” on February 10th in Baltimore. (Click Here For Event Flyer)

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Targets Black Neighborhoods (near downtown) For Racial Gentrification.  All White Tampa 

Historic Board Create Historic Overlay Districts With Costly Housing Rehab Expense That Force Sales By Minorities

Click Here For FMCRC Letter To Mayor Buckhorn

2015 Federal Home Lending Data By Florida Banks Released. Top Banks fuel widening Racial wealth gap. Bank of American Discriminates Against African American home buyers.

Click here for copy of breakdown of 2015 Racial Home Lending Report

FMCRC Chair Al Pina Meets With Baltimore African American Leaders To Discuss And Strategize on Increasing African American Home Ownership To Address Massive Racial Wealth Gap in Baltimore. FMCRC Chair Will Work With Key African American Non Profits In Baltimore To Develop Affordable Housing

Click Here For Photos of June 30, 2016 meeting

Washington DC Housing officials (FHFA, FannieMae, FreddieMac & NCST) Tour FMCRCTampa Housing Projects that Focuses on Raising Home Values in Minority Communities To Address The Rising Wealth Gap. To Date, FMCRC Has Been Successful in Raising Minority Home Values By Over $220 million dollars.

(click on this for attachment with photos and tour highlights)

Federal Reserve Board (Washington DC) Meets with FMCRC & Florida Minority Leaders in Miami to Discuss Rising Racial Wealth Gap and Racial Economic Exclusion By Banks.  Meeting was result of FMCRC letter sent to Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen

Click Here For Meeting Recap and Photos

FMCRC Chair Al Pina Demands National Minority CRA Summit in DC; Official Letter to Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen (Proposed Hunger Strike) Click Here For Copy of Letter

FMCRC Goes After Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan for Racial Economic Racism Bank of America Small Business and Home Loans to Minorities under 6% of all major U.S. Cities:

Click Here For BofA 2014 Home Lending To Minorities: Economic Racism

Click Here For FMCRC Cartoon of Moynihan Economic Racism

FMCRC-CCB Request Congressional Investigation of Bank of America on Predatory Lending To Latinos and Blacks as part of City of Miami Federal Lawsuit Against BofA. Click Here For Copy of Congressional Letter

2014-2015 FMCRC-SDMCRC Annual Report: Click Here For Copy of Report

Wells Fargo honored by East Tampa neighborhood association for FMCRC housing partnership that results in increasing of home values by over 30% Click Here For Photos and Announcement

FMCRC targets new and rebuilt homes for LGBT community in Florida. Click Here For Photos and Announcement

FMCRC Housing For Veterans. FMCRC gives priority for new and rebuilt homes to Veterans. Veterans thank Wells Fargo. Click Here For Photos and Announcement

FMCRC Creates and Leads Launch of Florida First Race Based Race Focused Community Development Fund to Fight Poverty With New Market Driven Non Profits. FMCRC Calls on Wells Fargo and Bank of America to Conduct National Racial Audit of Community Funds they Invest into Click Here For Copy of Press Release

FMCRC/SDMCRC-California Community Builders-Greenlining Call for Federal Investigation of CIT-One West CEO. Intimidating minority leaders and nonprofits through grants & Setting Race Relevant CRA Conditions For Merger Approval click here to read letter

For Copy of Letter Requesting Investigation Setting Race Relevant CRA Conditions: click here

Florida Racial Wealth Gap Report: Rebuilding Minority Communities
Click here for copy of report

FMCRC promotes LGBT home ownership via ground up construction. For photos of Tampa home built for same sex partners in February 2015: click here

Study finds Racial Wealth Gap Growing - Florida still has major income inequality. Click here for news report

Wells Fargo awards FMCRC $100,000 to expand affordable housing construction program to address fast rising racial wealth gap in Florida. Click here for copy of FMCRC & Wells Fargo press release

FMCRC Request meeting with Pope Francis and African American Leaders and Families to discuss growing economic and social racism against African Americans in U.S.
Click here for copy of letter

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen states rising income inequality harmful to United States. Federal Reserve Study (Income Inequality/Racial Income Inequality):

  • 2010-2013: White Median Net Worth +2% ($142,000) San Diego +4% ($168,200) Florida +3 ($157,330)
  • 2010-2014 Minority Net Worth -17% ($18,100) San Diego -27 (12,300)
    Florida -21 ($16,600)

For link to Federal Reserve Study and Rising Racial Wealth Gap: click here

RECAP: San Diego Minority Organizational Leaders meet with Federal Banking Regulators to discuss lack of access to capital & fast rising racial wealth gap in San Diego. Click here for photos & recap

FMCRC launches "Beds For Tots" program that will provide new bedroom furniture for low income minority children. Click here to see photos

FMCRC donates over 400 toys to Tampa area hospitals to bring joy to hospitalized children. Click here to see photos

Historic Meeting November 3rd, 2014 between Federal Regulators of Banks and key San Diego Minority Leaders on rising poverty and racial wealth gap for minorities in San Diego. Click here for copy of press release

FMCRC works with San Diego minority leaders to launch economic civil rights organization to battle rising poverty and racial wealth gap in San Diego minority communities. Click here for flyer

Federal study shows racial wealth gap grows under minority President.
Click here for recap of report

FMCRC-Assets & Hope Rebuilds 1923 Historic Home in low Income Census Tract (Tampa Heights) and Increases Home Values in Neighborhood by over 25%.
Click here for photos of rebuilding of historic home

Wells Fargo & FMCRC develop major affordable housing program to address declining home values in FL minority communities. Click here for press release

FMCRC Florida delegation goes to Washington D.C. to address Racial Wealth Gap with federal regulators. Click here for some photos

FMCRC comes to agreement with Bank of America & Wells Fargo. Call off fast for Florida. FMCRC CRA Committee to hold annual Minority Community Reinvestment meetings with all key banks in Florida. Click here for details

FMCRC Letter to Governor Crist & Scott Requesting they Rescind FL Anti Diversity Bill 998.

FL Governor Crist Passes Anti Diversity Bill in 2010 (SB 998)

Click here for copy of letter
Click here for copy of SB 998

FMCRC Chair Fast For Florida Against Wells Fargo-Targets Billions of Investment into Black communities.

click here for official letter to Wells Fargo CEO

Rise in Florida Minority Poverty-Racial Wealth Gap:
FMCRC study-data report demonstrates the major rise in minority poverty in Florida, lack of Florida minority children to rise out of poverty, major racial wealth gam in Florida & US and major components to wealth gap and lack of home lending to minorities by top four banks in Florida.

Click here for copy of Rise in Florida Minority Poverty-Florida Racial Wealth Gap Report

Tampa Bay Times Article (Oct 7, 2013): Major Foreclosure Investors-FMCRC Chair States that these Investors are predators that are preying upon minority and low-moderate income families. (click here for copy of article)

San Diego Assets & Hope
FMCRC To Launch San Diego Assets & Hope. Targets low-income communities of Barrio Logan-Logan Heights for Job Creation

Click here for San Diego Job Creation Presentation

FMCRC gives 2013 Hyundai Sonata to the 2013 Florida Minority Nonprofit of the Year- Tampa Center for Affordable Home Ownership

Click here for photo of 2013 Sonata Presentation to winner

Federal Regulators from Federal Reserve Board, OCC, SEC, FHFA and FDIC meet with Florida minority leaders to review both CRA and Diversity Issues at annual conference

Click here for full agenda of Diversity and CRA panel

2013 Let’s Do Business Florida Conference Recap Photos – click here
2013 LDBF Recap Photos, Courtesy of Asia Trend Magazine - click here

FMCRC to unveil historic cluster analysis initiative (Assets & Hope) for Liberty City/Miami. Assets & Hope Initiative will identify key job creation clusters for Liberty City and surrounding inner city that will serve as a model for creating jobs within underserved communities in Florida: click here

FMCRC War on Poverty
A Florida Minority Community Revitalization Initiative:
Miami Gardens-Opa Locka Asset Analysis Study(draft)
(sponsored by: Bank of America, Citibank, Regions Bank)

Jacksonville Asset Analysis Study: click here
(sponsored by: Bank of America, Citi, Wachovia)

Bank to aid underserved areas

FMCRC and SunTrust Bank agree to work together to better serve Florida's minority and underserved communities of Florida.  SunTrust Bank will make a good faith effort to invest $24 billion to Florida's minority and underserved communities over the next five years.  FMCRC congratulates SunTrust Bank on their leadership and Courage!

Amsouth/Regions pledge 15 billion to Florida with FMCRC agreement:

click here to read more

Brandeis University and FMCRC Launch "War on Poverty" in Florida:

click here to read more

FMCRC Assists NJ Community Against Immigrant Bashing: click here to read more

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